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Playing Identities - Performing Heritage

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The idea behind Playing Identities, Performing Heritage lies in the attempt to experiment processes of artistic creation based on the creolisation of diverse European national theatrical traditions, as well as on the relationship between the performers themselves, on one side, and the performers and the public, on the other.

Our privileged tool for realising such an idea is PanSpeech, a social media inspired by the crowdsourcing philosophy. We will invite citizens as audience not only to give their opinions on the state of their belonging to their community, but also to perform their issues and difficulties through the direction of the involved artists. Citizens as the owners of heritage become performers of heritage and audience in artistic endeavour.

The project also offers the chance to make a collective artistic and academic enquiry on the state of the art of issues like the European identity, belonging and cultural heritage (transmission, fruition, valorisation, reproduction).

The Creole Performance Cycle shall then absorb this complex process by displaying the unpredictable results such a creole approach and methodology bring about.

Main goals:

1) To test experimental practices of artistic creation among different theatrical traditions in order to produce original performances that we call Creole Performance Cycle;

2) To adopt crowdsourcing as an innovative strategy for engaging and diversifying European audiences in order to add value to the results of the theatrical crafting through users’ creative expressions;

3) To utilise crowdsourcing as a means supporting further the creative process and the primary functions of the theatrical production;

4) To create new knowledge on the role of performing arts in creating and shaping identities across Europe, setting the grounds for new forms of identity, belonging and citizenship in Europe through performing heritage;

5) To strengthen the social function of theatre in contemporary times.

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Shoes connecting the perspectives

Shoes connecting the perspectives

A beautiful small town in Tuscany. This year, the Playing Identities performances took place in Sancepolcro.
Playing Identities on Krapp’s Last Post

Playing Identities on Krapp’s Last Post

After Kilowatt Festival a review at Creole Performances
  • Author: Marco Menini


I Saw Identities Playing For A Vision. Foto di Daniela Neri. From July 17, exibition in San Sepolcro during Kilowatt Festival
Playing Identities al Kilowatt Festival

Playing Identities al Kilowatt Festival

Dal 15 al 23 luglio parteciperemo al Kilowatt Festival di San Sepolcro.
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